All The Tips You Need To Host The Ultimate BBQ Party

Summer means picnics and BBQ parties. But thanks to the current coronavirus pandemic situation, nothing is the same. Because many parts of the world are still under the lockdown, you won’t be attending the parties we all look forward to. 

The pandemic doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying a BBQ session on your lawn. If things are fine around you, you can even invite a few people or just connect everyone on your phone and host a virtual BBQ party.

The thought of hosting a BBQ event on your own might be intimidating, mostly if you haven’t done it before. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. This article outlines everything you need to keep in mind to host a lit BBQ party.

Shop BBQ Essentials

Of course, you’ll need some fresh produce for your BBQ. It’s essential to make a list before you go to the supermarket. Depending on the menu you choose, you’ll have to get many bits and pieces like spices, sauces, and many other ingredients. For safety reasons, you should make as few trips to the market as possible. So make sure to note down everything you’ll need.

If you are a beginner, it might be a bit hard for you to decide the menu or to make a list of everything you’ll need at once. What you can do is to search online for menu ideas and note down the ingredients from a recipe. After that, check which ingredients you already have in your pantry/fridge and get the rest from the supermarket.

You can make things even easier for you by getting BBQ subscription boxes. These boxes contain everything you’ll need. You can choose the dish you want to make, and they will send you every ingredient you will need to cook that. Some boxes contain just the spices and sauces, while some offer the meat as well.

These boxes make an excellent gift as well. They are also great during a lockdown when we are looking for fun family activities to pass the time. If you are thinking about what present to get for your dad or someone else in the lockdown, you should consider these boxes.    


BBQ Apparel


It’s very natural for you to want to wear your best clothes when hosting a party. But if you are in charge of the grill, you’ll have to reconsider. When you are working with the meat, marinades, and vegetables, they can easily spill and ruin your favorite outfit.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you're working with fire. So, it is ideal to avoid anything too flowy. Keep an eye on the sleeves also. It's OK not to wear anything too long.


Types of Equipment

Of course, you’ll need a lot more pieces of equipment than just the grill and your hands. Things you may need are tongs, grill forks, grill forks, aluminum foil, knives, marinade brushes, chopping boards, a meat thermometer, etc.

It’s best to get them out and clean them a day before. Then arrange them beside your grill. This way, you won’t have to rush here and there in front of the guests. This will save you time, and the party will be more organized.

Store Them Right


Working with raw meat and vegetables needs caution. Especially in this scorching heat, the slightest mistake can cause a mishap. So, make sure to be very cautious about how you store them.

You won’t be grilling all your meat at once. Refrigerate meats you won’t need at below five-degree celsius. Remember to take out the meat and let it rest at room temperature before you grill it.

Cleaning Materials



A BBQ party means a lot of cleaning. You'll always need to clean the grill and other materials as you switch different meats or vegetables.

As you handle different types of food, like raw meat and fish, you’ll have to wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly. One easy way to skip this process is to wear gloves; this way, you can just remove your glove and wear a new pair whenever you need it.



BBQ parties are different from other types of dinner parties because you can’t grill food ahead of time and serve it when the guests arrive. It takes longer to be served. While you are at the grill, your guests may get bored or sit idle. What you can do is to think of some fun activities to keep them entertained.

Arrange quizzes or short game sessions or some fun activity. Live music can be a good option too.

 Table Arrangement


If you are hosting a party outdoor, you’ll need to make proper dining arrangements for your guests. You can set up some lawn chairs and tables. Picnic rugs can be a great option too. But make sure to keep all the sauces, condiments, and drinks where you’ve made the sitting arrangements.

If you are arranging it indoors, things become more comfortable for you as you don't have to worry about setting up an outdoor space.


Be Mindful About Waste


We always tend to overestimate our needs. As a result, we end up with a lot of food waste, which is not acceptable. We can’t just throw away food when so many of us go to bed hungry - especially during a pandemic when food insecurity is skyrocketing.

Make your guest list beforehand and cook just enough or just a little extra. If you still have excess food left, make use of the leftovers. Consider donating to the food bank on behalf of your friends and family.



It’s better to be safe than be sorry later. You should always be prepared for anything that comes your way. As there is fire involved, make sure to keep a fire extinguisher near you. Keep first aid boxes and mosquito repellents handy.

 To sum up

These tips and tricks are sure to bring a lot of fun and excitement to your next BBQ party. What are you waiting for? Bring out the grill and start grilling something that will please the crowd

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