Closing Time: How to Pick a Great Real Estate Lawyer

You are nearing the end of an arduous, exciting journey. You have scrimped and saved, fought off the scores of other house hunters to make a winning offer on a home, and had your mortgage approved by the banks. The finish line is in sight. 

Now, it's closing time. With house closing looming, the organization is of the utmost importance. It would be best if you saw every deadline clear as day, lest you miss something that may undo all of your hard work. It would be best if you had your i's dotted, your t's crossed, and paperwork in a neat stack ready for the relevant rubber stamps. In other words: you need the help of a real estate lawyer.  

In this post, let's explore a few tips for how to choose the best option and pay less for real estate lawyer fees so you can cross that finish line with ease. 

Experience is a Virtue

When you are hunting for a real estate lawyer, prioritize experience. Not just any occasion, mind you, but the relevant experience. 

Choose a law firm that specializes in real estate law. When you visit the law firm's website, you should be able to see a specialty in real estate law. Often, it isn't the only specialization they have (a firm may also specialize in will law and probate law, for instance), but their real estate credentials should still be evident and apparent. 

Transparency Equals Trust

Opaque pricing and muddled lines of communication are not only added stressors in the closing process – they may end up costing you money. 

Find a real estate lawyer that offers a transparent fixed price quote to no hidden charges or surprises down the line. There are enough hidden charges when closing (land transfer tax, appraisal fees, etc.). It would be best if you didn't have to worry about your lawyer. 

Also, ensure that the lawyer in question is accessible, reachable, and easy to communicate with. You will undoubtedly have questions and need clarification throughout the closing process. Having a plainspoken, approachable guide in your corner makes a big difference. 

Go Remote

Remote lawyers are the way to go when closing on a home. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar firms, small law firms are available every day of the week for consultation and don't require you to take even more time out of your day to travel. 

As mentioned above, transparent pricing should prioritize homebuyers, and virtual law firms often offer it. The best ones even offer the lowest price guarantee, saving you money when budget concerns are significant.  

Consult Online Reviews

Finally, a piece of advice should be self-evident in the 21st century: read the online reviews! 

Google reviews can paint a pretty comprehensive picture of the level of service you can expect from a business. Law firms are no different. Please read what others have to say about their experience. If you scan a high majority of positive comments, you know you're on the right track. 

The end is in sight. You are nearly inside your brand-new dream home. To cross that threshold easily, effortlessly, and affordably, find a winning real estate lawyer with the tips above. 

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