The Mission Federal Artwalk Festival

Sarah Stieber's Electric Rain Project

For 32 years, the Mission Federal Artwalk has been serving the San Diego community through its commemoration and display of the arts. Each year, hundreds of artists showcase their art and talent at the artwalk where thousands of spectators come to view and purchase art. This year, the festival will be held on April 30th and May 1st, and it will feature 300+ artists! 

Along with the physical art, there will be musical performances, dance performances and even performance art for entertainment. Ranging from lively folk songs to the soulful blues, the lineup of musicians and singers are a diverse, talented group. Coming full circle, the majority of the performers are San Diego natives or have strong ties to the area! Of the musicians to perform, the band L.A. Edwards is certainly a headliner you won’t want to miss. L.A. Edwards is a successful band with credits on Netflix, the radio, and even appearances on television. 

For the dance performers, there will be over a dozen acts throughout the day. These performances will take place on the Grape and India stage. Here you’ll find talent in the form of classic ballet to traditional dances from India. 

A new aspect coming to the festival this year is in the form of performance art. From live painting sessions to body paint, spectators will be privileged to see art come to life through the artists. A fascinating mixture of art and performance, artist Sarah Stieber and dancers The PGK Dance Project will combine their talents to create a new form of performance art. In their "Electric Rain Project" collaboration, the dance crew will be performing as paint rains down on them. Covered in a downpour of paint, the dancers will look visually stunning as they show their talent and Stieber’s innovative art.

Children can have fun at the kidswalk where they’ll get hands on experience with different art projects that promote the importance of the arts in schools. Concerning the physical art that will be on display, there will be multiple mediums of art for everyone to enjoy. Handmade sculptures and jewelry give a break from the abundant two-dimensional art. Artist Theresa Kwong crafts amazing jewelry pieces inspired by nature, which will be on display and available for purchase. Talented sculptor Deanna Rae’s work will also be on display, consisting of sculptures dealing with rural country life.

On the corner of Cedar and India St. the Artes de Mexico will present several talented fine artists from Mexico. Partnering with the Consulado de Mexico, the artwalk annually gathers some of the top artists, regardless of medium, and features their work on display. You won’t want to miss out on the intercultural perspectives found in the art.

For transportation, the Old Town Trolley will be providing a free shuttle service from the San Diego Airport economy lot located on Washington St. Parking is also available in a number of surrounding lots and structures.

The artwalk will be held on India St. and W Date St. in Little Italy, stretching out to form an extensive 17-block event. To download a map of the festivities or to get more information on the event, visit Art Walk San Diego. The festival will begin both days at 11am and will extend until 6pm.


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