Things to Remember When Slow Cooking on an Instant Pot

Winter is in full effect, and with Christmas less than a month away, it’s time to bring out the old, slow cooker. Or is it? On this page, we will offer you an alternative: an instant pot. Instant pots are multipurpose appliances that have become an absolute essential in kitchens for their many functions. Not only can you use instant pots as pressure cookers, steamers, rice cookers, food warmers [as an alternative to a microwave], yogurt makers, and sauté pans, but you can use them as slow cookers.

You may have already known this, which is why you have visited this page. If you didn’t, then you have hopefully been pleasantly surprised. This article will tell you a few things to remember when slow cooking in an instant pot. Let’s find out what those things are, shall we? Here’re a few things to remember when slow cooking inside an instant pot.

Using the Slow Cook Setting

Using an instant pot to slow cook is very similar to using a slow cooker. There are, however, a few changes when using an instant pot as a slow cooker, but don’t worry; we will tell you what they are. You will need to:

● Place your ingredients inside the pot’s inner-pot, then place the inner-pot inside the instant pot housing unit;

● With the inner-pot inserted into the instant pot’s housing unit, you want to close the lid and turn the steam release handle to the venting function [or you can use a glass lid];

● Turn your instant pot on and hit the slow cook button;

● Adjust the time to your desired cook time, but for slow cooking, it should exceed at least two hours;

● Select your cooking mode using the adjust button on your instant pot unit. If your instant pot unit does not have this button, you can alternatively press the slow cook button to change the setting. An instant pot should offer three quiet cook settings, less, standard, and more, which are much the same as the low, medium, and high settings a traditional slow cooker would have;

● After a timer completes, the food will begin to cook.

Yes, slow cooking in an instant pot is that simple. From there on, your instant pot will maintain a steady temperature, and your food will cook over hours, allowing you to go about whatever it is you need to do.

Checking the Doneness

When you are slow cooking, it is always a good idea for you to check the slow-cooked food temperature to ensure that the food has been thoroughly heated throughout. This step is essential when you are cooking in an instant pot. The reason for this being, there are differences between a slow cooker and an instant pot. For starters, instant pots are typically made of thin metal, so the metal does not retain heat, and ceramic does, which is what traditional slow cookers are made of. Additionally, instant pots do not have the same temperature options as a slow cooker does. Because of this, instant pots take a while longer than a traditional slow cooker, and you will want to double-check that your food has been cooked to a safe temperature throughout before you begin eating, for there is always a chance that your meal might be unevenly cooked in areas.

Things to Remember When Slow Cooking on an Instant Pot

Glass Lid

When you are cooking in an instant pot, there is always the issue of its lid. Slow cooker lids are not sealed, allowing moisture and steam to escape the pot, allowing a more even cook. However, Instant pots are designed for pressure cooking, which means they are tightly sealed, and heat cannot escape the pot. While you could, of course, cook with the lid askew when you are slow-cooking to allow steam to escape, it is a good idea to invest in a glass lid for your pot. Before you purchase a glass lid, be sure to verify if it will fit your appliance. The cover should sit around the inner-pot and not the housing unit. You can find a variety of glass lids all over the internet, but be sure to get the exact measurements beforehand so you can ensure that your food is cooked thoroughly. Getting the wrong top can be a detriment to your meal. Glass lids need not be expensive, and you can find them priced very reasonably all over the internet.

With the help of this page, you now know a few things to remember when you are slow-cooking in an instant pot. Instant Pots are excellent, providing they are used correctly. We hope this page has shown you how to use an instant pot and how to use one safely.

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