A Quick Look at High-End Italian Fashion Labels

A Quick Look at High-End Italian Fashion Labels


Numerous Italian fashion labels had significant contribution to the overall shape of fashion. Italian-made designer clothes, shoes, bags and accessories are revered as one of the most high-quality fashion pieces in the global scene. As such, here is a quick look at some of these high-end Italian fashion labels.


This brand is established by Canadian twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten who aims to integrate their heritage with their trained tailors skills in Italian designing. They eventually catapulted into fame, making their brand one of the most favored luxury designs in the world for both men and women. There have been a number of celebrities spotted sporting their brand over the past couple of years such as Christina Aguilera. DSQUARED2 is prevalent for both denim and casual wear, which includes bold graphic print t-shirts.


Moncler came from an abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, a village in southeastern France. Founded originally by René Ramillon, the brand name is indeed French. Ever since its conception, the brand was already known for its high-end ski apparel. However, it was Remo Ruffini, an Italian billionaire businessman, who pushed the brand to become an iconic symbol of the great outdoors. The latter incorporated an Italian flair into the design of the outdoor apparel, with the quilted jacket not only functional, it is also a symbol of beauty. Moncler is known to have collaborations with other high-end Italian fashion labels.


Moschino has been one of the most significant influences in contemporary Italian fashion. This brand, founded by Franco Moschino, is heavily inspired by pop art, Italian culture, comic books, as well as cuddly toys. Its flashy graphics and big logos became the trademark of this brand. It is quite interesting how this high-fashion Italian label was able to blend in a street-level culture that revealed a certain level of authenticity.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is known for its razor-sharp black suits and slick leather goods. Inspired by everyday people and the style of the streets, the brand now has a widespread roster or several other sister labels which include Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange, EA7, and Armani Jeans to name a few. This brand is a reflection of the toned-down and effortlessly cool Italian class.


Founded by Guccio Gucci, this is known as one of the oldest Italian brands in the fashion industry. This brand initially became popular in the equestrian community, which became an inspiration for the brand’s logo. Its distinct Italian flare made this brand a mainstay of Hollywood fashion. Over the recent years, the brand catered to the younger generation by delivering eccentric pieces that are rarely seen in other high-end brands.


Described as the gray area between black and white, this brand is founded by Virgil Abloh who is from a Ghanaian and American descent. Nevertheless, it is firmly rooted in Milan, the fashion capital of Italy. OFF-WHITE blends several global influences with the architectural eye of its founder to deliver high-end streetwear fashion pieces from t-shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts, as well as footwear and accessories. It became available on official online stockists that offer top high-end designer menswear brands and feature classic signature pieces. The brand’s collaboration with other top brands such as Levi’s, Nike and Vans made it even more popular in the fashion scene. As such, it has recently caught the attention of A-list celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce, and Drake.


Prada’s roots can be traced back to luxury leather luggage goods. This brand embodies a minimalist design that reflects a classic and timeless chic style. The brand’s signature motif is the use of Saffiano leather in its fashion pieces. Saffiano leather is a textured leather which is printed with a crosshatch pattern that is definitely visually appealing. This brand has shown its eccentric flair over the years, allowing the young people to embrace its collection of pieces that overflows with colors, patterns, and flashy designs. Nevertheless, these designs are always balanced with a classy taste that keeps all the fashion pieces well-blended. Prada even has an offshoot, which is Miu Miu, known as another high-end Italian fashion label. It is best known for its ready to wear apparel, as well as handbag collections, which are guaranteed head-turners.


Valentino is considered as a one-man powerhouse because the brilliant mind behind this brand raised this label by himself. Valentino Garavani pursued a formal fashion education in Paris, France, and when he returned to Rome, Italy, he blended the Parisian taste into his own Italian line. His label was known to have an abundance of red tone in his fashion pieces, which was later on known as the Valentino Red. He has since made an empire ever since his brand was established, with his stunning gown collection frequently gracing the red carpet occasions. Apart from clothing, his brand also features a collection of accessories, bags, fragrances, and footwear which are for both men and women.


Founded by Gianni Versace, the daring and audacious style of this wonderful mind made his label incredibly popular, not only in the Italian market, but on the worldwide fashion scene. His fashion line is known for its bright and bold colors, patterns, and graphics, as well as big prints. After Donatella Versace took over, the brand continued to thrive in the fashion scene, being favored by numerous A-list celebrities and being widely popular even in the music industry. The Versace label encompasses everything that is synonymous to luxury, with people paying a hefty sum to acquire his fashion pieces that boasts a logo featuring Medusa, in all its brash and beauty. It goes without saying that this brand looks and feels expensive because it is indeed, expensive.



There are several high-end Italian labels in the fashion industry today and all are quite remarkable in their own distinct way.  There may be several pieces of these labels in your closet or perhaps these labels influence your style in one way or another. While a hefty price tag may be associated with these high-end labels, rest assured that you get you money’s worth because of the high quality of these fashion pieces.