Avoid These Common Mistakes to Sell House Fast To Home Buyers


Making a move to a new house comes with an excitement factor but selling your old residence can send jitters down your spine. Selling a house is no less than a battle that can be conquered only if you have the right state of mind and your eyeballs set up at the right place to anticipate all kinds of shortcomings and problems before they actually creep up. 


It can be a real big deal to negotiate with finicky buyers who find your home to be appealing but may force you to settle down for lower rates. In such a case, making mistakes can lead a seller to accrue financial losses and loss of peace of mind. 


So here are a few common mistakes to dodge while selling your house:


Working with the wrong agents

A realtor can make or break the deal; thus, it is necessary to choose the right agent or no agent at all. Yes, you have heard it right; you don't need a realtor to sell your home every time you plan on selling a house. You can even find house owners placing their trust on the realtors to such an extent that they fail to hear their instincts while making the selling decision. Realtors can be a plus factor, but only if you happen to fetch someone honest and reliable.


There are endless options for selling your home, such as using social media platforms, contacts, home buying companies, etc. You can consider using these alternatives to search for a buyer who fits in your requisite frame. 


Overlooking the repair and maintenance

There are home buying companies who can buy your house in any condition, but it's not the same story in case of a potential client or investor. Thus there arises a need to set your home in the right frame to hike the chances of a sale. Those hanging cabinets, ceiling cracks, can build a negative impact on the minds of the buyers. It is said that there are 88% of chances of selling your home fast if you prepare it well before putting it on sale. Ranging from its repair and maintenance to decluttering the mess can make you rank high on the selling meter.


Overdoing the renovation

Yes, maintenance is vital but renovation is not! Please figure out the difference between the two. While repairs stand to be mandatory to prevent the potential buyers from showing off their back with a 'not interested board', excess of revamping and dolling up the house can turn out to be a costly affair. Further, it may add on to the overall pricing, and you cannot expect the buyer to pay for that as well, leading you to settle down for less.


Being Unrealistic

You need to have realistic goals for selling your house. You cannot merely quote your house at a very high price and expect some magic to happen to get a buyer ready to spare those bucks. The expected price and the market price are two different things, and you need to be practical enough to price your house based on current market trends.



Selling your house in a smooth process is wishful thinking but it’s not a piece of a cakewalk in any regard. There are certain factors that you may need to consider, and on the contrary, there are a few things that you need to stay at pace with. So we hope that this blog proves to be helpful for you to beware of the common mistakes made by house sellers. Do you know a few more mistakes to avoid? Do let us know!