How To Clean Up After A Home Renovation?

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A Home Renovation undoubtedly leaves your home refurbished, improved and better functioning. However, what additionally comes with it is an absolute messy leftover of the whole renovation.


No matter what your expectations are, the first time you enter your renovated home, all you will see is a dust-filled mess with all the residues. So get your bandana on and get cleaning your home.


Here are some easy ways to deal with the waste that your renovation has produced.


  1.   Efficient Dumping Management:


First of all, to get rid of all the waste, you need to prepare for a cleanup. You need to gather all the debris and leftovers in one place. What do you do with it? Look into “roll-off dumpster rentals” for renovation projects to seek professional help.


You can hire affordable dumpsters on rent to help you with your waste management. All the debris from the walls and ceiling, all the leftover packets and plastics and other discarded or broken furniture can be easily packed up and dumped to a reliable dumping ground using these dumpsters. So the first step to start cleaning up your renovated home is to take out the waste that occupies your living space.


2.  Prioritizing the cleaning:


Planning a home renovation and not being able to dig into your new home as soon as it's done can be an overwhelming experience. Much time has gone by since your house was under construction and in a complete mess, but it's important to have patience and take one thing at a time.


3.  Get your cleaning tools ready:


Most of the clean up you're doing involves serious physical activity, and you don't want to get infected from the dirt and dust that's left behind. So be prepared with the required tools before you start your cleaning.


Get your rubber gloves, protective face masks, and eyewear, Vacuum cleaner, mop, ladder, disinfectant solutions, a room freshener for a last touch of cleanliness and get going.


4.  Plan your clean up:


The mess that has been created isn't limited to a single room in your house. Your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room, essentially your whole house is filled with dust and debris. A planned post construction clean up can give you the best results.


  •     Start with sweeping all surfaces like walls, ceilings. Use dry wiping for freshly painted walls and wet wiping for older walls. Dry dusting is preferable before you use any other cleaning process.


  •   Use mops with disinfectants to clean the floors wooden or vinyl. You can also use polish for wooden floors. And use a citrus-based cleaner on wood.


  •    Vacuum the dust off all the surfaces, your bookshelves, cupboards, the top of kitchen cabinets, top of the fridge and all other furniture.


  •      Change mattresses, sofa cushions, and pillows.


  •   A Kitchen needs an all-over sanitization. You can use steam cleaners to make your kitchen 100% germ-free and clean.


  •       Bathroom floors and surfaces need special disinfectants.


  •       Clean all handles, doors, windows, etc.


  •       Clean all hardware, inside all closets; dust the ducts, ceiling fans, lightings.


While cleaning, make sure there are no leftover nails, broken pieces of glass or any other harmful stuff around you that can cause a problem. While cleaning them up, make sure to wear a rubber glove and protective eyewear.




These were some of the basic tips to get your clean up started, so you can easily move into your newly renovated house without a fuss. Keep your safety and health in mind before opting out for self-cleaning and always seek professional help as per your needs.