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Blush Botanicals Floral Arrangements

Blush Botanicals Floral Arrangements

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FINE Magazine interviewed Alexandra Wise, the owner of Blush Botanicals, about her wedding day floral tips and tricks.

How long have you been in the floral business?
I’ve owned Blush [Botanicals] for eight years. I didn’t work for anyone prior; I went right into it from finance. I worked at Merrill Lynch before.

How did you go from finance to flowers? That seems like a big jump.
Yeah, that was a huge jump. I knew that I didn’t like my job at Merrill, and I had a friend whose mom dabbled in flowers. She asked us to help with a couple of things, and I really enjoyed it. And I ran the numbers—I didn’t want to just quit my lucrative job at Merrill to sell flowers on a stand or anything—and the numbers looked great, so I knew that if I worked really hard and I was the best at it, I would do really well. I jumped right in, started in a garage, and it grew and grew.

What appealed to you about the flowers? 
It was the creativity. The flowers themselves are amazing, but it was also the opportunity to read people, get to know people, and match an aesthetic to who they are. There is a degree of reading someone’s mind, in what we do. [The client is] kind of looking to [me] to lead the process, and I know that one of the reasons that Blush Botanicals grew so fast is that, prior to this influx of all these new florists, designers here were very used to doing the same thing over and over. I think having someone here that really got to know the client and created or designed something unique according to who they were was needed. It’s not the easiest task, but I really enjoy it. 

Blush Botanicals

So about how many weddings have you done in the last eight years?
Way more than I can count. I honestly don’t think I can assign a number to it, but I will say that we're a little different from our competitors in that we would never take more than one wedding in a day. We only specialize in luxury, so each one of our setups is pretty intense. We give [an] entire week [before the wedding day] dedicated to that particular bride. So, obviously, that puts us at a max of one or two per weekend, so probably not as many as our competitors take on.

We do about 90 percent weddings, and we’re booked pretty much every weekend. We book up about a year in advance. This year we have a pretty amazing opportunity. Brides Magazine does a million dollar giveaway wedding. It’s nationally televised [and] a ten-page spread in their magazine, and they chose us to do [flowers] this year.

I can’t imagine what a million dollar budget for a wedding would look like.
We do a lot of those, actually. We definitely specialize in that pretty upscale niche. It allows us to create different things and fabricate things and do ceiling installations. I wouldn’t call us just a florist because we do so much more than that. At Blush, we do a lot more design, [and] we do a ton of installations. It’s a little more than just, “Hey, I want this centerpiece and deliver it on this day.” It’s very detailed. It’s a lot more stressful, but it’s totally worth it because every weekend is different. Every weekend is something to be excited about, and every weekend is a little bit of, “Oh my god, how are we going to pull this off?” But we always do.