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Weddings are easily one of the most flower-focused days, featuring floral details in nearly every aspect. Flowers adorn the ceremonial space. The bride and her bridesmaids carry bouquets, the groom and groomsmen wear matching boutonnieres. At the reception, flowers are on every table, maybe decorating the cake, ornamenting the dance floor or doorways, or arranged in a big statement piece, like a flower wall photo booth. It’s frankly difficult to imagine a wedding without flowers. Flowers bring vibrancy, vitality and movement to a space and can transform the feel and look of a wedding.

According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding jumped last year to a new high of just over $35,000. More than half of couples are willing to increase their budget to have their dream wedding. While the venue and photography are still the biggest areas for wedding spending, there’s a surprising increase in the spending for wedding floral and event design, too.

Or maybe it’s not so surprising. Flowers, candle light, and dreamy décor are what make weddings romantic, and now they’ve become a testament to what makes a wedding unique. From expressing personal style to unforgettable statement structures, florals are taking root in weddings with much more importance.

San Diego Blush Botanicals
Blush Botanicals

Local luxury florist Alexandra Wise, owner of Blush Botanicals, specializes in niche, upscale weddings that feature unique structures that many modern brides seek.

“It allows us to create different things and do ceiling installations. I wouldn’t necessarily call us just a florist because we do so much more than that,” Wise says.

In fact, Blush has a personal fabricator on staff to build anything Wise can dream up and put to paper. He works with both metal and wood, allowing the company to come up with incredibly unique pieces for brides who desire a completely custom look.

“You’ve got keep it interesting, and you have to stay on top of the trends,” Wise explains. “You have to be an innovator if you want to specialize in the luxury market. If you become too monotonous, then there’s someone else that’s going to be crazy inspiring and they’re going to book all the weddings.”

Blush Botanicals
Blush Botanicals

Though she says Blush is a bit of a chameleon in terms of aesthetic, they are known for their lush floral displays at weddings, which are certainly the trend. The structures she designs are usually covered in flowers, in addition to the eye-catching centerpieces that decorate a table and the vibrant bouquets in the bridal party. Overall, it creates a massively dramatic look.

“We definitely don’t do anything very simple,” Wise says. “There’s something really special about taking one event and being part of it, versus being more of a wedding factory where you have five events in a day. And then what are you paying for? If no one’s going to walk away saying, ‘Oh my god, did you see the décor?’ then you’re just paying for another something. But [with] us, you know that when your guests walk into that room, they will be talking about the flowers.”

For a truly memorable event, it’s clear that flowers are going to be an important part of setting the mood, and it’s no wonder that budgets are ever-increasing to include breathtaking floral arrangements.

If a bride has no idea where to begin when picking flowers, she can still breathe easy. At Blush, Wise says knowing specific flowers isn’t nearly as important as the big picture aesthetic. It’s difficult to match a wedding date with a specific flower’s particular growing season every time.