What to Do in Sanibel Island: A Travel Guide

If you're going to Sanibel Island soon and still haven't decided on an itinerary, our guide is exactly what you need. Find out what to do in Sanibel Island!


"Have I died and gone to heaven?" No, you're on Sanibel Island!

This tropical island feels pretty close to paradise. You'll encounter beautiful white sandy beaches, bright sunshine, and blue oceans.

If you're planning on going to Sanibel Island, you're probably wondered what to do while you're on vacation.

Check out our guide below on what to do in Sanibel. Let's get started!

1. National Wildlife Refuge

If you want to encounter some of the most amazing creatures in Florida. You should head straight fro J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge

There are hundreds of different plant and animal species that call the refuge home. Do you want to spot tropical birds? Are you eager to catch a glimpse of a crocodile?

This is definitely the best part of the island for you to explore. You can also learn more about the creatures at the Vistors and Education Center at the park.

You can even drive around in your own vehicle to explore the refuge. Or, you can get out and follow one of the many hiking trails with a guide.

2. The Sanibel Historical Museum

Are there any history geeks in your party? There is plenty of amazing history to explore during your stay on the island.

Visit the Sanibel Historical Museum where you can learn about the people who settled on the island in the 1800s. The island has been home to Spanish settlers, the early pioneers and the native Calusa. 

You'll even be able to get to see everything from the historic homes to the daily household items in the exhibits. 

3. Relax in the Sun on the Beach

What better way to spend your vacation than lying on the beach for the afternoon?

The beaches on Sanibel Island are definitely worthwhile. Bowman's Beach is a long stretch of incredible sand.

You can enjoy a wide range of activities on the coastline.

Go windsurfing or set sail on the open seas. If you prefer romantic strolls on the beach or playing ball games, this is the perfect place as well.  

If you're looking for a more romantic and quiet beach, head over to Blind Pass Beach to enjoy the surroundings to yourself.

4. French Cuisine and Ice-Cream

Ready for something to eat?

There's plenty of yummy dishes to try during your stay on the island. You shouldn't definitely head over to the French bistro Bleu Rendevous.

You'll be able to enjoy some of the best food on the island here. Make sure you reserve early for a table.

What about dessert? Pinocchio's Original Italian Ice Cream has been providing visitors and locals with the best ice-cream around for over three decades.

You certainly won't go hungry during your vacation on Sanibel Island. You can learn more about things to do on the island here. 

5. Play a Game of Golf

Are you an enthusiastic amateur or a real pro? The Sanibel Island welcomes golfers from all around the world no matter your ability.

The Dunes golf course blends with the natural environment. You'll be able to shoot some amazing shots surrounded by incredible wildlife and views.

When you're finished hitting balls, you can go to relax in the Club House where you can buy a cocktail to celebrate your performance or drown your sorrows at the bar.

What to do in Sanibel Island?

Are you wondering what to do in Sanibel Island on your vacation?

You have to do some of the above activities. You'll have an amazing time relaxing on the beach and eating delicious food.

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