It is no news that college can be a time full of anxieties and pressure for many students. For a lot of students, college is the first time they are completely on their own, so dealing with the stress of studies and managing their lives can be overwhelming at times. Managing their finances might seem challenging as well for many of them. That is why it is necessary to take a proactive approach and make sure that stress and anxiety do not sneak up on you.

Study Smartly

Studies can be the primary cause behind the pressure, so handling it sensibly and smartly would reduce a lot of it. Trying to cope up with classes, assignments, homework, and tests can seem daunting, so it is necessary to find smart ways to tackle them and not let the pressure get to you. Studying in college is different from studying in school. Unlike school, where you are bound by a curriculum, in college, your education relies mostly on your efforts. You would be enjoying all the free time you get, and suddenly you will have assignment deadlines and homework due dates knocking at your door. That is why you must plan your studies efficiently and allocate time blocks according to the curriculum. Online resources and your friends can help you find homework answers easily, while you can approach your professor with any areas that you feel stuck at.

Don't Procrastinate

If you are struggling with a topic or a subject, do not avoid it. Procrastinating assignments or subjects is allowing them to pile up and make things worse for you. You might find yourself dealing with the stress of not completing homework on time, or you might not do well in a test, which can affect your grades. If you are feeling stuck, approach your professor, or find an online tutor to help you with the subject. You may not realize it, but professors are happy to provide individual attention to students. You can also find other resources on your campus to help you, such as study sessions, programs, and help groups.

Find Ways to Relax

College is not all about studying. You should have fun as well. Everyone has their ideas of fun, so indulge in those that help you to relax. Many students join co-curricular activities or sports to keep themselves engaged in activities that they like. Music can also help you to relax so you can listen to some soothing songs in your dorm room. You can also try to shut yourself completely off for everything around you. Spend some time alone in your own company. Not only can it be relaxing, but you can also find a lot of solutions when your mind is relaxed and away from all the sources of stress.  

Get Enough Sleep

Trying to stay on top of your studies and assignments can affect your sleep time. That is why you have to make sure that you get enough sleep, or you may feel burned out or have a mental breakdown. Stress and anxiety can build up over time, and not getting enough sleep can accelerate their effects. A schedule can help you to regulate your hours of sleep. Make sure that you get eight hours of rest every day, or the lack of it will make you sluggish and harm your productivity as well.

Watch What You Eat

If you are a freshman, you need to make sure that you don't live on junk food only. Not only will you put on a few extra pounds, your stress and anxiety levels will also go up. That is why it is essential to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eating home-cooked food with enough fruits and vegetables will make sure that you get adequate nutrition. You can indulge in a take out once in a while, but ensure that it does not become a regular activity.


Unless you are into sports, you may find that your time to exercise might reduce in college, mostly because you are trying to keep up with the busy schedule. But eating healthy is not going to be enough. Get some physical workout to keep the stress at bay. Not only does exercise help you stay fit, but it also releases happiness-inducing hormones in your brain, which can make the anxiety go away. If you don't like going to the gym, you can find some exercises that you like, such as riding a bike around the campus or hiking through the nearby forest.

Find out what works for you best. Not everyone can relax the same way. Some people might enjoy doing something, while another person might find that annoying. And if things ever get out of hand, and you feel that the stress and anxiety are starting to affect your sanity, there is always help available on and off-campus.

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