8 Glamping Essentials You Should Pack

Glamping essential must–haves for your next outdoor adventure.

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 [Updated] Glamping - A camping alternative for the most glamorous and novice camper. As a recent trend in camping, many may have first heard the word while watching an episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. 

Housewife Heather Dubrow quickly coined the phrase on last season's episode by showing what consisted of a glamping trip. Packing a bottle of “champs” (champagne) and her most stylish outdoor attire, she helped viewers to quickly understand that this was no ordinary camping experience. For those new to glamping, it's important to understand that when it comes to this type of camping,  it's not just about the destination, but rather the accessories. Before deciding on your next outdoor adventure, check out our list of this summer's must–have glamping essentials.

1. Pendleton Woolen Mills Blanket/ Leather Blanket Carrier

Made in the USA, this Pendleton wool blanket not only offers warmth and comfort on those cool mornings, but also adds the perfect pioneer flair to your glamping style. Price: $25.00 pendleton-usa.com

2. Malin + Goetz Essential Travel Kit

Camping used to mean getting dirty and staying dirty, but if you're glamping you can stay sparkling clean. This kit contains some of their best selling cleanser and moisturizer for face, body and hair: Grapefruit Face Cleanser, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, Bergamot Body Cleanser, Vitamin b5 Body Moisturizer, Peppermint Shampoo and Cilantro Conditioner.
Price: $30.00 malinandgoetz.com

3. Veuve Clicquot Rose Brut

As the perfect addition to any campfire cooked dinner, pop open a bottle of this brut rose and enjoy chilled on a warm summer day. Price: $72.99 bevmo.com

4. Herschel Supply Retreat Backpack 

This Retreat Backpack by Herschel is ideal for storing all your glamping travel essentials and gear. With a reinforced bottom, contoured shoulder straps, and fully lined in a signature coated fabric, this sturdy travel bag will come in handy for any backpacking adventure. Price: $72-79.99 herschelsupply.com

5. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Cheers to a fabulous trip with these gorgeous Stainless Steel Wine Glasses. It's the perfect chic and unbreakable glassware for boating, camping, or lounging by the pool. Price: $29.95 eco-friendlycookware.com

6. Cold Spring Apothecary Bug Spray 

For a more natural and nontoxic approach to deterring pests, try this bug spray made from a combination of essential oils and witch hazel, that not only repels bugs but also provides calming post–bite relief.  Contains no DEET, parabens, or other harmful chemicals. Price: $14.00 coldspringapothecary.com

7. Citronella Candle Travel

A great all–natural bug deterrent, citronella gives off a pleasant citrus aroma. The travel tin is perfect to carry along for a picnic in the park or camping along the trails. When done, simply close with the lid and carry out with you.
Price: $10.00 coldspringapothecary.com

8. Kupilka Cutlery Set 

When it comes to dining in the wilderness, why settle for eco–destructive plastic plates and utensils when you can have more glamorous and eco–friendly dinnerware to eat and drink out of. Made from Kareline Natural Fibre Composite material, which consists of 50% pine fibre (wood) and 50% thermoplastic, this dining set is perfect for the conscious camper. kupilka.fi

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