Signs Of Water Damage To Look For

There are a lot of different signs of water damage that you need to be aware of.  Some of these signs are more common and you will be able to easily recognize them.  There are other signs that you might not realize are telling you that there is water damage in your property.  


The Sound Of Water


There are times when you hear water damage more than see it.  In these situations, you will hear a dripping noise, but will not be able to find the source.  The sound of water damage can also be like a creaking floorboard or rushing water. The exact sound will vary depending on the type of water damage you are dealing with. 


It is important to note that the water sounds you hear can also come from a functional plumbing system.  If you are going to use sound as the only sign of water damage, you should listen for any changes to the sounds in your home.  This will tell you that your plumbing is not working correctly anymore. 


The Smell Of Moisture


Another sign of water damage will be a smell of moisture or dampness in your home.  This is very easy to spot sign because dampness has a distinct odor. The smell of damp will often be accompanied by the musky smell of mold.  


The smell of water damage should be used in conjunction with other signs of water damage.  If you do smell moisture in your home, you need to have this addressed as soon as possible.  If you leave this, there is a chance that mold will develop and this will cause a larger problem. 


Most professional water damage restoration companies will use a device called a FLIR to help detect water and moisture. 


Puddles And Pooling Water


If you hear dripping or leaking, you will generally have pools of water in your home.  There are times when you might see a puddle of water in an unusual location. If this happens, you need to keep an eye on the area and see if the puddle comes back after you have cleaned it.  


If the puddle does come back, you make have a leak or seepage in a hidden area.  Of course, if the puddle is close to faucets and other exposed plumbing, you should look at this first.  If you cannot find the source, this could be coming from a hidden leak and will cause serious water damage. 


Coldness In The House


Many people do not realize that coldness in your home can be a sign of water damage.  Coolness that is hard to remove from the house is a sign that water is affecting the walls of your home.  Moisture in the walls will draw the heat you add to the room and leave the property colder.  


There are many signs of water damage that you need to know about.  Water spots and mold are the most well-known, but the sound of dripping water and the smell of moisture should not be ignored.  You should also take note of any pooling water and coldness that you cannot get rid of.