Artificial Intelligence is Already a Big Part of Your Life

Rather than sentient machines, in today’s world, Some Artificial Intelligence Companies (AI) can refer you to software that can automate tasks that are reliable, respectable, and capable of training without any additional programming to it. This software is called machine learning. It means these programs can be used to be customized to suit individual requirements.

If 2018 were the year industries would begin to embrace AI, 2019 is the year we will adopt it into our homes without question. But, one may be surprised that AI is already being infiltrated.


Some experts describe these chatbots as one of the five AI applications capable of making an actual difference to businesses. Chatbots are fast becoming the frontline of online customer service. Has what it take to interpret the written text, chatbots gather this information from their database and then uses conversations-like language to respond. In fact, it has been proven so trendy that many versions now exist in a multitude of businesses, including gaming, productivity, and social goods.

Smart Surveillance

Surprisingly enough intelligent surveillance has been around for more than a decade now.  It can reduce the number of hours used by security guards needed to spend staring at screens. This smart surveillance becomes activated when something triggers the sensor, typically by some movement or gap – and are capable of diagnosing if someone suspicious is looking or toying somewhere for too long.

Fraud Detection

AI is enforced by almost every bank worldwide to audit spending on your cards and accounts. As soon as you generate a purchase, the AI logs the location, recipient, and item against previous purchases. If it detects a deviation from regular activity, it then sends an automated message to inform you of the charges, and in some cases, it even blocks your account until the purchase can be confirmed.

Virtual Assistants

The likes of Siri, Alexa, and Cortana initially manifested themselves on our mobile phones as a means of answering our questions, reminding us of our to-do list, and even telling us jokes. More recently, they exist as small pod-like devices around the house.  These gadgets are for made for us to talk at just by saying their name. They are integrated with search engines to maintain our information, our playlists, etc. so we can quickly and easily play our favorite music. Virtual assistants can even be used to control the smart technology around our home, to automate the central heating, turning off any lights, and closing the window blinds.

Search and Rescue

Pattern recognition software has been matched with AI and drones to improve search and rescue. Rather than deploying more costly helicopters, drones are lighter, faster and cheaper, meaning multiple machines can be implemented at once, expanding the area covered. Mounted cameras feed images back to an AI that then scans the pictures faster and more reliably than any human eye is capable.

We have listed just a few of the roles AI that already plays a role in our lives. While there is a legitimate fear that automation will make human workers increasingly unnecessary across most industries, there is no denying their convenience.