Have you ever known that skateboarding was invented in California as a pass time to surfers when the sea waves were either too rough or too weak for surfing? Skating has grown to be a cool hobby that most people would want to associate with. However, gliding through the streets as a commuting skater or in the parks for fun is more than just fun. There are numerous social and health benefits that come alongside skateboarding. Hold on to your skate as I reveal to you 9 amazing health and social benefits of skateboarding: 

Health Benefits 

Skating provides both physical and mental benefits to a skater. The general health benefits of skating are as indicated below: 

  1. It is a full-body workout 

When skating you move your feet for acceleration, move your arms for balance and twist your body. What is amazing is that you are able to make all these moves at the same time providing your body the full-body workout it deserves. A full-body workout provides various physical health benefits such as ensuring that you are always fit. 

  1. Helps to burn calories 

Skating is a workout activity and as a result, it helps you burn calories. Although the amount of calories burnt depends on the duration and intensity of the skating activity, an average skater is able to burn about 200-500 calories per hour. Yes, that is right, per hour! Burning calories is a physical health benefit that skating provides while having fun.

  1. Beneficial to the heart 

Physical exercise has been proven to have an impact on the reduction or elimination of risks related to health problems. Some of the risks that are reduced as a result of skating include low risks of diabetes, obesity, heart problems, and high blood pressure. 

Furthermore, skating helps in the reduction of triglyceride levels in your body. It also regulates the amount of cholesterol in your body to levels that are considered to be good. The outcome of these benefits is a reduced risk of coronary heart disease. 

  1. Helps to relieve stress 

Mental health experts suggest that indulging in physical exercise has the potential to help relieve stress. When skating, you will be engaged in the activity so much that you are able to take your mind off things that are stressing you. Furthermore, a person is able to think clearly on given matters after doing physical exercise. The person will also be able to see things in perspective.  

Skateboarding is a good form of physical exercise which helps a person have control of their feelings and thoughts. As a result, the skater is able to stay stress-free. 

  1. Trains the skater on endurance, precision, balance and pain tolerance

Skateboarding allows one to learn physical endurance. Once one starts skating, they usually do it for a long period of time. This, in turn, results in a physical workout over long periods of time. This helps a skater to develop physical endurance. Furthermore, most skaters like to do stunts. These stunts usually take a long period to learn and perfect. As a result, the skater learns the skills of mental endurance and patience.

The more you practice doing stunts and tricks the better you become hence you learn precision and coordination. Every time you learn a new trick, you will have to relearn balance and most of the time you will fall. As a result, you will learn how to avoid falling or even how to fall safely. This is an important lesson in life as it helps you avoid falling when you slip. Whenever you fall, you will always have to endure the pain. As a result, skateboarding trains you on pain tolerance. 

Social Benefits 

Skateboarding is a culture that you get into once you start skating. Culture affects our social routines and lifestyle; therefore, skateboarding will always affect your social life and here are the social benefits. 

  1. Fashion Statement 

Have you ever noticed that skaters are popular and always have nice outfits? Apparently, there is a strong correlation between fashion and skateboarding. Skateboarding fashion can be your fashion statement hence benefiting your social appeal. You could also boost your fashion statement by getting an electric skateboard


  1. Creative freedom 

Unlike conventional sports, skateboarding does not have rules to work with and as a result, a skater is able to come up with creative tricks. This gives a skater the social benefit of being free to come up with creative tricks, stunts, and moves. The skater has the individual opportunity to showcase their skill. 

  1. Job perk and job opportunity

As a skater, you can take a break from the office to skate. As a result, it gives you the freedom to take a creative and enjoyable break session from your busy schedule. Furthermore, you could also offer training to new skaters and earn a coin from it. This will not only help you earn an extra coin but also join a community of skaters to interact with.  

  1. Inculcates Bravery

Whenever you nearly fall or actually fall, the fear of falling diminishes. This is important to you as it allows you to inculcate bravery as a skill. Furthermore, the ability to redo a new stunt until you master it instills the skill of keeping calm under pressure, being focused, and determined; all these are skills that inculcate bravery. Consequently, you will transfer these skills to your normal day to day life. 


In conclusion, skateboarding is a cool hobby that you should try out if you haven't. In this article, I have outlined 9 amazing health and social benefits of skateboarding that should cheer you up the next time you go skating.

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