Aircon Servicing: What To Look For In A Provider

Air conditioning is part of modern housing. The tropical climate calls for a good air conditioner. Whether it is a residential or commercial building, air quality is paramount. Property owners should provide air conditioning services in their facilities.

In the harsh weather, the system works double-time to make the house habitable. The risk of breakdown is high. That is why you have to keep the system in pristine conditions at all times.

A well-maintained system is a joy to the owner. It gives him or her quality services at the least cost. A neglected system is costly regarding expensive repairs. In case of a breakdown, the cost can be prohibitive. Inefficient systems lead to escalating utility bills.

However, the job does not start with inspections and repairs; it begins with installation. Choosing the right HVAC service provider can make a difference.

A conventional air conditioning service provider ensures that you get the best service.

  • He/she ensures that the system's installation is standard

  • He or she also ensures that the system is suitable for the task ahead.

Any other service that does not conform to those standards will put pressure on your overall system. The system will be prone to breakages and constant repairs, which will be a cost to you. This guide will help you find the best air conditioning company.

To Stay Safe, Look Out For the Following Qualities:

1. Installation, Inspections, and Repairs

Air conditioning units are sensitive. Even clogged ducts and filters can cause system failure. You want a company that understands the full picture, primarily how the system works. They know what brands to use and what parts to install.

To make your work convenient, look for a company that takes you through the whole life-cycle of an air conditioning unit from installation to regular repair and maintenance. If the company helps you through the installation process, it should have the capacity to continue offering other services.

When it comes to inspections, they will know where to look. They will also understand the weaknesses of the brand they use.

2. Check the Skills and Expertise

Providers will claim to have those two traits because they know that such characteristics are in demand. However, not everyone has them. It is your work to verify if indeed a company has what it claims to have.

Insist on seeing the proof of skills and relevant HVAC expertise. Check for the team's qualifications. A company should be comfortable sharing their academic and industry training with you.

Some will give excuses about privacy and such things. Can someone refuse to send a copy of a resume to a hiring institution? NO! Insist on seeing the company resume. The last thing you want is to give the job to people who don't know what they are doing.

3. Go for Good Reputation

It goes hand in hand with experience. Insist on looking at the portfolio. Look specifically for projects that are similar to yours. A small online search of the company can reveal a lot. Companies that have been in the business for a while have ratings and reviews.

Take time to study former customer's concerns. A company will treat all its customers the same way. Don't expect a company that has less than stellar customer service to step up for you magically. They can, but don't bank on it.

If people have posted negative comments, it means the company is not trying to respond to customer concerns. Look for a company that engages its customers.

4. Insist On Round The Clock Availability

Air conditioners tend to malfunction at ungodly hours. If that happens, you will need to call an emergency HVAC company for immediate remediation. If your provider is not available on call, that is a red flag.

You can ask questions about the emergency services. A good aircon servicing company should be available full time. It should have experts at your disposal at any given time.

A system failure can render a home or office inhabitable. It can also cause extensive damage to your interior. The overall air quality also depends on the conditions of the AC.

5. Go For the Old-School Recommendation and Referral

If someone has done it lately, he or she will offer you valuable insight on his or her experience. A good encounter with a service provider is hard to keep to yourself. You tend to show it off. In the process, you will help someone else.

If you know a friend or family member whose air conditioner was serviced recently, you can always give them a call. Be careful about referrals though. Some contractors will incentivize referrals. The person may refer you because he or she will get a bonus service for bringing other clients and not because of the excellent service.

6. Go for Modest Pricing

HVAC services are pretty standard globally. It does not matter whether it is aircon servicing in Singapore or China. It starts with a professional quote and presentation. If someone makes an expert quote, it tells you he is serious about his work. A figure scribbled on a napkin hardly tells you anything. You will not know what is included and what is not.

Look for an air conditioner servicing company that provides details of products and services. When you decide to hire, ensure that all the verbal agreements about the work appear in the contract.

The price should be within the average. Any other figure should come with a justification.


The process of hiring an air conditioning company relies on your ability to verify and scrutinize information. If you let anything slip out of your grasp, the chances are that you will end up with an inferior provider. It is up to you to request all the information you need before making a decision.