Choosing the Right Wallpapers for Your Space: Tips from the experts

Once an uncommon practice, the use of wallpapers at homes and other residences has increasingly become popular. This can be attributed to the numerous varieties which are there, which come in different shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, etc.

The appreciation of wallpapers in people’s homes has created a boost in the design industry as more manufacturers come up with numerous designs to suit the needs of the majority of people. However, if you have decided to follow that road, you ought to understand that wallpapering is not for the timid.

Picking the right patterns and colors has to reflect on your style – something which best describes you. Sometimes, this proves to be a daunting experience for the majority of new homeowners as they are not sure of what to go for. Read on to get a clear picture of what wallpaper to get for your space.


1.Finding the right design


Having bold wallpapers can present the homeowner as having a spot for art. However, this type of design is not timeless and can send you down the road of remorse a couple of years down the line. Subtle designs such as those which emulate organic objects are more likely to remain relevant even after several years. Here are some factors you ought to have in mind when picking out your most preferred designs;

  • Wallpapers with more textures and patterns will help hide any imperfections which could be on your walls
  • Be more careful when choosing small patterns as they can be a bit hard to line up the patterns next to each other
  • Smooth and flat designs are the most ideal candidates for a formal set up
  • Horizontal designs will make the room appear larger but the ceilings will eventually appear shorter


2.Getting the best materials


There are three most common types of materials used in the manufacture of wallpaper Singapore; vinyl flocked and foiled materials. Vinyl wallpapers are more popular as they are the easiest to maintain and hang. There are two categories of vinyl which you can pick from; vinyl-coated and solid-vinyl wallpapers.

With both a paper backing and surface, vinyl-coated wallpapers are sealed with liquid vinyl during their installation. They can also be sponged off using soapy water. Solid vinyl wallpapers are completely waterproof making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Taking it off can be a bit of a task though.

On the other hand, flocked and foiled wallpapers can also be a great choice when applied correctly. They are, however, pretty pricy compared to vinyl ones.


3.Mix and match wisely


A room with many different patterns can cause restlessness while one with small-scale patterns can make space appear boring. Pick patterns that coordinate easily with each other without sacrificing simplicity.


4.Have matching accessories


Do not make the mistake of having colliding patterns and accessories on your walls. Accessories should be tied with the patterns and colors chosen to create harmony.


5.Play with light


Just as it applies to paints, lighting generally affects how your space will appear. Wallpapers that have a lighter background will open up your space, making it appear larger whereas those with darker backgrounds will make it appear smaller.


Transform Your Interiors with the Right Wallpapers


Transforming your space with wallpapers should no longer be a tedious task. Follow our design tips and find quality wallpapers in Singapore to suit all your needs.