San Diego Collaborative Fashion Meets Flawless

We all have a passion for fashion

Photos by Wendy Smith

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The allure of downtown San Diego draws in crowds of people from all over the world. The Gaslamp Quarter lights up the evening with an array of bars, restaurants and shops. There seems to be nightclub on every block. As you walk down 5th Avenue through crowds of people, you can hear the different genres of music playing from each place you pass. It’s almost as though you’re window shopping to see which place is more appealing. Finally you walk by a bar which happens to be playing your favorite song and that is how you and your friends decide on your destination.

Fast forward through a night of crazy fun, drinks and dancing. The next day you find yourself waking up at an undisclosed location somewhere downtown. You’re a little confused as to how you arrived at your current destination. However, someone hands you a cup of coffee, you thank them for their hospitality and now you must leave.  Even though it would appear to be the quintessential “walk of shame,” it’s not, and you still have to make it home in last night’s attire. But you’re a fashionista with flare and somehow you always manage to turn a bad situation into a better one.   

San Diego photo shoot

Did that paint a picture for you? Good! As an editorial stylist, we have to create story ideas for each photoshoot. I attend an editorial styling class instructed by fashion hair artist William Willams, which is hosted at Low Gallery. It’s a quaint art gallery located in San Diego’s art district, Barrio Logan. My colleague, hair artist Phil Backes, had pitched the story idea and asked me to be the lead makeup artist for this specific shoot, and of course I said yes. I live for this stuff. Fashion, music and the arts are all intertwined in one way or another.

The meet–up spot is always at Low Gallery. Meegan Nolan is the owner and curator for the gallery and is always so gracious for allowing our team to use the location as a studio. That’s where all the magic happens. I’m talking about the collaboration. The collaboration is the key to the success of up–and–coming artists. We are always searching to find designers for our specific stories, and that can be a challenge at times because each story calls for a different type of style. That is what I call the recipe for our photo magic. Of course there is a little more to it, but you get the gist.