The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Home Renovation

Photo by Matt Jones on Unsplash

Home renovations are becoming a popular concept when it comes to home improvement and can often be a great alternative to moving house. Whether you wish to have a loft or garage conversion, a new kitchen or even changing the structural interiors of your property, it’s essential you have the necessary planning in place to save time and money. After all, the initial excitement of a home renovation project can become quickly diminished as a result of strained funds and unforeseen circumstances.

As a summary, this guide will give you all the information you need to know on planning a successful home renovation project, from managing budgeting, storage options, choosing tradesmen and preparing for the living conditions that come alongside the project.

Make a realistic budget

It goes without saying that budgeting is the main area for consideration, After all, it can be extremely hard to balance your dream designs and the budget you have in mind, which is why you need to think tactically about what you can realistically afford. Before you commit to certain aspects of the development, make sure you research pricing in terms of materials and labor to ensure you aren’t faced with costly surprises later on down the line.

Consider storage

Many belongings may need to be moved from your home to avoid damage as building work take place; therefore, it would be wise to invest in a suitable storage facility to keep personal possessions safe. While friends and family may offer to take certain items off your hands temporarily, it’s not exactly a feasible long-term option. With this in mind, it would be worthwhile hiring an on-site storage box from Go Mini's to store all of your larger belongings at a location of your choice, which you can access as and when suits you.

Know who you’re hiring

Whether you hire a general contractor to carry out the entire renovation project or individual contractors for a variety of different jobs, you need to know exactly who you’re hiring to avoid disappointment. Although it’s simple to find tradesmen online, it would be safer to go by a word-of-mouth recommendation so you know your job will be completed with professionalism. Likewise, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to carry out a full check on your contractor. Ask to look at their license, certificates, past projects and bond number if you feel the need. After all, you will be inviting these individuals into your home, so you need to be able to trust them and have confidence they will carry out the job as you expect.

Prepare for the dust and dirt

Unfortunately, a home renovation is a challenging experience. Even the most precise tradesmen can’t avoid causing vast amounts of dust and debris, which can often make the property unlivable for a period of time. If the idea of living on a building site isn’t something you’re too keen on, you should consider moving into rented accommodation, go on a vacation for a while or ask to stay with relatives until the project comes to an end.