Top Five Major Sporting Events to Look Forward To In 2020

2019 was indeed a good year for sports as we recorded a lot of great sporting activities that took place. Among a host of sporting activities, we witnessed the Women’s World Cup in France; where the united states football team took the glory home, the Novak Djokovic from Serbia claiming the cup for the men’s singles title in the Australian opening right after defeating his Spanish opponent Raphael Nadal (6-3, 6-2,6-3) during the finals. 

We saw the famous American super bowl where the Los Angeles Rams lose to The New England Patriots by a whopping 13-3, Liverpool lifting the UEFA Championship Cup for the 6th time after defeating a disdain Tottenham Hotspur 2 - nil to reclaim this title, and the 17th Edition of the IAAF World Athletic Championship held in Qatar, where over 1500 Athletes trooped in to participate.

These and more were historic sporting events that took place in 2019, however, 2020 promises to be a lot more ambitious than the previous year was. For basketball fans, the 2020 NCAAB National Championship is also beginning to get interesting. A look at the betting odds compiled by the team at will show you that the odds this year are close and anyone could be crowned the winner of the NCCAB national championship at the end of the season. This year could be that year that we have a final four that has none of the top three seeds in it.

Now, we highlight 5 major sporting events that you should be on the lookout for this 2020.

1.     The American Cup Weekend - The international gymnastics set to take place in the largest city of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, on the 7th of March, 2020. 

The American Cup is the first out of the four events that are to take place in the International Gymnastics Federation series of the world cup; which is a qualification requirement for the Olympic Games set to hold in Tokyo, Japan. 

In the year 2004, history recorded Paul Hamm, claiming the all-round Olympic gold medal. In 2005, Chellsie Memmel won the bars title and became the world's all-around champion, and went ahead in 2008 only winning a silver medal this time. 

The American cup weekend involves a series of four stops, where a country earns points by their rankings at each world cup. The top three countries with the highest overall point scores will earn a right to compete in the Olympic Games. This is the first time in the American Cup Weekend where the Olympic qualification series has been merged with the all-around world cup series. 

2.     Rugby Championship - Rugby, the intense football game involving tackling, kicking, carrying, passing of the ball until the end of the zone as many times as possible, winning as much point as a team can; returns with its Championship tournament in 2020. 

The Rugby Championship will return to its default six-round length after being reduced in the last season. 

There are four nations set to compete -- South Africa, New-Zealand, Argentina, and Australia -- that will go head to head for the Rugby Championship trophy.

 3.     The Olympics (Tokyo, Japan) - The summer Olympics is here and looks to be thrilling!

The summer times in Tokyo brings in not only hot temperatures but also the stadium and grounds of the Olympics. The Olympic Games are set to begin from the 24th of July till the 9th of August, 2020. 

Following immediately is the Paralympics set to begin from the 25th of August till the 6th of September, 2020. 

 4.     The European Championships (Euro 2020)

Euro 2020 will be held in 12 different countries, from the 12th of June, till 12th July, 2020. Wembley Stadium in London, England is said to host the semi-finals and finals of the Euro 2020 as it has the largest stadium capacity amongst the host countries. 

The 12 countries are Denmark, Italy, Russia, Spain, Romania, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, England, and Azerbaijan -- with Azerbaijan is the one and only host nation that has been eliminated from the qualifications till present, while Ireland, Scotland, Romania and Hungary will have to face playoffs.

5.     The ICC T20 World Cup 2020

Top Five Major Sporting Events to Look Forward To In 2020

The Women and men’s ICC T20 World cup is set to take place in Australia, 2020.

The women’s event will begin on the 21st of February with the finals being on 8th March, 2020. Australia, as it stands are the ICC defending champions and will be the first pair of teams in the tournament playing the opening march against India. 

Only the top highest-ranking 8 sides qualify for the tournament while the remaining two opening qualification spots were decided by the infamous ICC Women’s World Twenty20 Qualifier seeing Thailand and Bangladesh making it through. 

Following the Women’s ICC T20 World Cup, is the Men’s T20 World Cup, coming up seven (7) months right after the Women’s ICC T20 finals; beginning from the 18th of October to 15th of November, 2020. In the men’s ICC world cup, the West Indies are the proud defending champions and look toward securing the win again. 

There we have it, five of the major sports activities in 2020. Spectacular annual, biennial and quadrennial events taking place this year. Do well to make sure you pin the dates to your favorite on your calendar.

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