Six Technology Trends that Could Transform Online Businesses in 2020

Technology has been transforming the world for more than five decades. But perhaps no industry has benefited more from innovations than business. From marketing to finances, data collection to closing deals, e-commerce is ever-changing. In 2020, these are six of the top six trends fighting to change how we shop online.

The Rise of Mobile Commerce

If you’ve shopped online lately, you must have observed most sites you visited were promoting their mobile apps. Some companies (looking at you Quora) go as far as forcing you to download their apps to access some of their services.

Why you ask, everyone has a smartphone. More importantly, more than half of online shoppers use their mobile devices to research products or to make purchases on the Internet. Of course, every online business wants a piece of the ever-rising mobile commerce market.

And considering mobile usage is ever-growing, online retailers will continue to push their customers to download their apps. Some sectors, however, won’t force you to download their apps. Instead, they’ve adopted an even better way to capture the mobile market: mobile responsive sites.

Take the online casino sector. Although most casinos have apps you could install, they still let you play games seamlessly through their mobile-friendly sites. All the gaming sites listed on Zamsino work smoothly on mobile devices and desktops. They also love new customers and will welcome you with free spins and cash bonuses when you register an account. 


Re-commerce is a branch of e-commerce that focuses on second-hand products. It started at around 2010 and took off in 2015. However, it has been lurking in the shadows of e-Commerce all along. However, that could change in 2020 as the culture of buying used items solidifies.

Re-commerce is particularly popular with millennials and Generation Z for a valid reason: they all want fashionable items. From electronics to clothes, sneakers to cars, there's a growing culture in wanting to stay up with trends.

But since not everyone can afford a new iPhone, a new pair of Air Jordan’s, or a new gaming PC, the best way to afford these items is to purchase used ones. Re-commerce has been growing steadily for the last five years, and it will only become bigger in 2020.


Although only a handful of telecommunication companies adopted 5G in 2019, more companies will integrate 5G in 2020. It is the fastest way to consume the Internet by a long shot. To put some context, 5G is ten times faster than 4G. 

So, if you thought of watching online videos with 4G is fast, brace yourself for an even more impressive experience with 5G. For businesses, the fast nature of 5G will help them roll out 4K videos for advertisement.

For online gaming businesses, 5G will mean more visually impressive games. It could also mean more advanced games because the limitations of Internet speed will have been lifted. Of course, there are already great 3D games out there.

If you love casino games, you can play a wide range of slots featuring full HD, 4K, or even 8K graphics. Find new casinos online in Canada to try out some of these games. They are real money slots, which means you could win some cash playing the games. 

Automation in Business

How many times have you contacted an online business only to receive an automated reply? Sure, it’s not what we all expect when you call a company for assistance. But if bots can effectively resolve your issues, more and more businesses will continue to use them in 2020 and beyond.

Besides customer service, businesses are applying automation in marketing, finance, and enhancing customers' experiences. In marketing, they use software to collect data about their shoppers, look for prospects, and advertise to them. In advertising, automation has been the Internet's way for decades.

In many ways, automation will enhance online industries. Think of voice assistants and how they've made shopping fun. A few commands, and you can order anything on Amazon. Google’s Cortana, on the other end, can help you find just about anything on the Internet.

If what scientists say is true, the best of automation is yet to come. It’s a huge innovation set to shake up numerous industries. But with online malls already on the rise, automation will bring plenty of changes to the business world.


Blockchain was a hot topic throughout 2019, from Wall Street to the Silicon Valley. Its ability to transform numerous industries besides crypto is incredible. Of course, the finance sector will continue to be the blockchain's biggest benefactor. So, expect multiple online retailers embracing Bitcoin payments in 2020.

Beyond payments, the blockchain can also impact marketing, managing supplies, bookmaking, and cloud computing. In fact, the blockchain can transform just about any online sector now that it's a decentralized, hack-proof, fast, and easy to use platform. 

The blockchain isn’t precisely easy to understand for everyone. But the same can be said about AI, IoT, video game streaming, the cloud, and all other innovations that have been transforming the tech world in recent times. However, it will be necessary for businesses that want to tap on the innovation to make it friendly to consumers if they want it to succeed.

Drone Deliveries

Drone delivery businesses are steadily taking shape in America. And while they haven’t always been welcomed consumers, they could become a mainstay in 2020. Some of the world’s biggest companies have already invested millions of dollars in drone technologies.

From UPS to Dominos, DHL, to Amazon, all major retailers and transportation companies are looking for ways to cut down costs. Drone deliveries could as well be their best route. There will be a few hoops businesses that want to use drones will have to overcome, though.

For starters, the FAA has been exceedingly strict on how and where drones can be used in the USA. That means businesses targeting to make deliveries using the small devices will be limited location wise. There’s also the issue of the weather hampering deliveries. Also, drones don’t have long battery lives.