The Dangers of the Internet which the Modern Kid Faces


Parents today should be more concerned about the impacts that the internet has over the lives of their children more than even the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Recent studies and statistics all point towards the same direction where the internet has become more than a secondary tool but a primary influencer of behavior. The danger of this is that the internet is an open ground which without self-limitation can expose the young ones to the scariest of situations that have dire consequences.

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Today we have to deal with the realities that online challenges have led to the death of innocent children who did not deserve such cruel and uncalled for ways to end their lives. Even in the event that the life was not lost many teenagers are today getting hospitalized for trying out the weirdest of challenges. One such dare-devil challenge is the choking game which is aimed at strangling someone to the point where their brains lack oxygen, and they get dizzy. For many parents, this is outrightly shocking, but in reality, thousands of kids have been engaging in such games and ended up in near-death situations.

Another crazy challenge that has been promoted by the internet is condom snorting. Yes, you read that right, and it involves taking a condom, inserting it into your nostrils, and snorting it through your nostrils before getting it out through your mouth. In a perfect world, this would just be an activity which a few crazy minds decided to do but not when it becomes a trending item all over social media sites. Imitators take on the challenge and have the whole experience recorded before it is shared with friends and online followers.

The list of activities that the modern kid has engaged in because of the internet is endless, and we could go the whole way to the tide pod and the blue whale challenges among other games. In a generation where everything that happens is captured online, it is only reasonable for your children to succumb to the pressure of fitting in the current society. It is nevertheless unfortunate that when trying to earn the likes and comments online, they are facing a danger which can easily result in death or a traumatizing experience. Parents have no other option but to be vigilant if they want to take charge and not let the future generations get lost while seeking moments of wasted glory.

An excellent place to start the journey to tracking all your children’s activities is to go through the mSpy blog which offers great insight into the benefits of mobile phone monitoring. Armed with a powerful control tool, parents can have first-hand information on the dangers that their kids face and make timely interventions. It is not only the dangerous games that are a cause for alarm, but online bullying is a major problem that can be instantly resolved. Above all the greatest advantage is the peace of mind that there is no cause for alarm even when you have to attend to other duties while your child is out meeting new friends and getting to learn more about life.