Gaming is one of the best things men invented; well, after sliced bread and the wheel. You take up gaming for various reasons. You are in it for the adventure, to socialize with your friends and meet new people, and sometimes, to earn a living.


Whatever your reasons, you should make your gaming experience as amazing as you can because you deserve it. Sometimes you need to spend money to enhance your gaming and other times, you just have to take the time and improve your gaming skills.


Here are five ways you can achieve that:

Optimize your Environment

When you are playing, you want to be focused on the mission at hand. Even when it is a one-off contest, you will benefit from playing within the optimal environment. So, you can improve your gaming experience by:


• Improving your internet connection speeds: It is quite straightforward if you are going to play online games.


• Buying an ergonomic chair: Make yourself comfortable yet focused especially if you play hours on end.


• Buying gaming headsets: Improves your experience especially if there is a lot of noise around you but you need to concentrate.


• Designating a quiet area for gaming: If you have an extra room in the house where you can zone out and take your gaming seriously, go for it.

Upgrade your hardware

Irrespective of your platform, sometimes an upgrade is due when you notice that things are not running as smoothly as they should be. Remember, some hardware aspects of consoles are cut and dried and there’s nothing much you can do about them. PC upgrades are more flexible with the main restrictions being the technology available and your budget.


That being said, there are a few areas where upgrading can have a significant impact on your gaming experience.


Here are some of the areas you can benefit from an upgrade:

• Upgrade to SSD

If you are using spinning disks for your storage, you can do better with solid state drives. When you transition to SSD, you will improve the loading speeds of your games and it is less susceptible to damage if it falls. You will void your warranty if you upgrade the Xbox but PlayStation and PC gamers have it easy with this one.

• Upgrade your mouse

You can get away with using a normal mouse or trackpad if you are really good, but you can always benefit from an upgrade. Nowadays manufacturers are releasing customizable gaming mice that come with programmable buttons.

• Buy a gaming keyboard

As with the mouse, you can get away with playing exclusively on a standard keyboard, but your competitors will have an edge over you if they are using a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards have their keys laid out ergonomically and you can customize the keys and save these customization instances under different profiles.


There are many other hardware aspects you can upgrade on your PC to great effect. For instance, buying a better monitor, upgrading your GPU, and a host of other changes. If you need assistance, ask your gamer friends for advice or go online – GamingScan is quite resourceful. There are also forums and YouTube channels dedicated to gaming hardware that you can learn from.

Tweak your Settings

Sometimes merely adjusting your settings can optimize your performance in a big way. Of course, you can go the extravagant route and spend your way to optimal performance but for most of us, mere mortals, that’s not sustainable.


Different games run with different settings. All you have to do is take your time and learn what each setting is meant to do. It is a slow process but it improves your gameplay and saves you money.


If you are super-busy but you still want to make the most out of your settings, there are apps that can help you optimize your settings for any game you play.

Use a Gamepad on PC

This one applies to you if you are a PC gamer. Inter-platform crossovers are common these days. Developers are taking games designed for Consoles and releasing PC versions. The problem with these kinds of games is that they are best played with a joystick.


Fortunately, it is easy to use a PlayStation or Xbox controller on your PC. Just buy one and hook it up to your PC and with the modern games, it will detect it and transition seamlessly from keyboard to gamepad.


If you are a seasoned console-centric player transitioning to PC and are not yet used to playing on a keyboard and mouse, you can use a gamepad to play games on your PC and make your life easier.

It is all about winning (?)

If you keep losing, no matter how much you try to tell people that you are enjoying yourself, deep down you know that winning feels great and no one ever has enough of it (unless the game is not competitive, of course). There are a few contributing factors to your losing streak and unless you have bad hardware, it is all about your skills.


Fortunately, you can improve your skill levels through training. Here are some quick tips to start you off:

• Train hard

A common mistake many newbies make is skipping the training entirely. Once you learn a few basic moves and rack up a few lucky wins, you assume that you will just get better and beat all your opponents; well, it happens but it is rare. Snap out of that attitude and remember that training is usually integrated into the game for a reason. Before you start taking on your opponents, tighten up your basics through practice. Then move on to the lower levels and build yourself up from there.

• Use a different strategy

If your basics are tight, but you keep losing to an opponent or a Boss, change your tactics. Einstein famously said insanity is doing the same thing every time and expecting different results – following a losing strategy consistent and hoping to win is insanity. Adopt a different strategy to give yourself a chance.

• Learn from friends and experts

To learn new strategies, watch how your skillful friends are playing each time they beat you. Head on to YouTube and watch other people play. It is a quicker way to learn than finding everything out on your own.


Irrespective of the platform you swear your allegiance to, you can always improve your gaming experience. Remember, unless you are playing for adventure, gaming inevitably draws out our competitive spirit and you should do all you can to make it easier to win. If you are in it for the adventure, you still need to improve your experience to explore comfortably.



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