Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or going out for the first time, preparation is always the key to a successful romantic date. You plan what to wear, where to dine, and what to order. But there is one more thing you need to prepare: choosing the perfect wine.


Wines are usually associated with romantic dinners and food pairings. But what some do not commonly know is that wines help release love hormones known as Oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for creating long-lasting social attachments among mammals, including humans. If you plan on having your date becoming more drawn to you, a bottle of wine could raise your chances.


Accordingly, choosing the perfect bottle of wine is a make or break move. It could lead to giving your date a lousy impression, or it could score you in for another date. You must choose the right wine for the occasion.


In this article, we will be rounding up a few tips to help you choose the perfect wine for your date.

Ask your Date for Preference

Your date might have it all figured out. She may be well-versed with wine language, or she might be a wine connoisseur. It is also good to ask your date if she prefers a particular type of wine. Otherwise, impress her with your choice of food and wine pairing.


Choosing the Perfect Pairing

When selecting a wine, make sure that it pairs with the main dish. If you have not yet thought of what to order, ask your partner what she will be having.


For instance, if your date likes and orders spicy food, choose a bottle of sweet wine. The sweetness of the wine helps neutralize the spice in the dish. In that case, you can order, perhaps, a Moscato for your date.


If you already have a planned out menu for you, make sure the wine matches the dish if your idea for the main dish is some classic meat dishes. You may opt for red wines like Latour wines. Latour wines are versatile. They can also be paired with cheese, veal, pork, beef, lamb, duck, roast chicken, and many more.


Red wines contain tannins that bind with the proteins in the meat, making them less astringent on your palate. But, if you are in a seafood restaurant, your best bet would be white wine. White wines work well with fish and seafood.


Also, a trick in choosing wine is ordering one that is consistent with the type of sauce used for the dish. For example, if the meal is garnished with a sauce made of white wine, order a bottle of white wine. If its sauce is made up of red wine, order a bottle of red wine. Needlessly, white wine matches with white wine sauce and red wine matches with red wine sauce.


You may also ask the server or the restaurant’s Sommelier if the wine you selected is an excellent pair for your main dish.


Prepare a Budget

When on a date, do not pour your entire savings on a bottle of wine. There are still other things you may have planned for the night that you might need to spend on. So, before you set out for the date, set an amount you are willing to spend for a bottle of wine. Choosing the perfect date wine should not take up all of your finances.


There are worthy bottles of wine that range from under $25 to more than $1000. It depends on which wine you are comfortable with spending. Just remind yourself that you do not have to break the bank to impress your date. Also, price does not always necessarily equal quality when it comes to wine. Hence, do your research ahead of time so you can set a budget for your date.


Perhaps, if you already planned your date and you decide to order a bottle of Latour wine, check first the Latour wine price to see if it fits your budget. In that way, you will not be caught off guard of your spendings. You will thoroughly enjoy your date without worrying so much on the bill since you're already prepared for it.



Wine is an elixir of love. It sets the romantic mood on a date. Choosing the perfect wine on a date is as essential as choosing the right outfit and the most fragrant perfume before going out.


It is an element in a date that should not be left to chances and should be thought of with scrutiny. The right bottle of wine will make your dating experience a lot easier. It eases the tension of going out on a date. Besides, the perfect wine could serve as a great conversation starter to fill in dead air if ever you're out of words. Lastly, the ideal wine could also be the boost of confidence you needed for your date.


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