The lifespan of your wood deck is hinged on good wood maintenance. Proper maintenance starts with appropriate cleaning and staining. Proper maintenance protects your deck from dirt and other harsh environmental elements. Remember, proper adhesion as well as penetration is dependent on the cleanliness of the surfaces. That’s why you should clean wood surfaces before staining then. It will play a key role when it comes to enhancing its beauty. And that’s where a wood deck brightener comes in. On these lines, this article is going to highlight tips for using a wood deck brightener.

Take time

The staining process takes time. Before staining your deck, allow time for proper weathering (i.e. of the new, pressure base lumber). Preferably, allow a few months before staining it. Before rinsing, leave the stain strippers to break those old finishes. Taking your time will eliminate the possibility of overspray, spills, etc. on surfaces that aren’t targeted. Also, do your timing well. Do your project during favorable weather conditions.

Prepare Well

If you want superior final results, invest your time in the preparation process. First, thoroughly clean all wood. So, before staining, clean all the wood. If you have an old deck, consider retaining it. Clean new lumber. It helps remove mill scales that occur during the actual mulling process. Otherwise, wood stains won’t properly stain into the pores of the wood. Also, remove dirt from older decks before applying the stain. Use oxygen bleach-based wood cleaners to remove the dirt. They effectively clean the wood without harming the vegetation. Even more, they don’t burn your skin.

Use Wood Brighteners

Use wood brighteners to open the wood surfaces. This improves the penetration levels of the deck. Plus, wood brighteners help neutralize stain strippers and restore your deck’s appearance. Easy to apply, wood brightens can transform your deck. For more info about wood brighteners, follow this link

Purchase Quality Stain

When shopping around for a stain, think in terms of quality. Avoid going for a cheap stain. It can cost your deck. So, invest in the quality stain. For premium results, do your research. Ask for reviews. Purchase quality products.

Consider Waterborne Stains

Over the past few years, people are turning to water-based deck stains. These stains come with premium results and better quality finishes. So, give them a try. According to experts, advancement in technology and air quality regulations have necessitated the production of water-based stains. In most cases, these stains are more durable than their oil-based stain counterparts.

Follow the Instructions

When applying the stain, be sure to follow all the instructions. In particular, pay close attention to the number of coats you are required to apply. Also, it’s important to allow sufficient time for the coat to dry before cleaning it.

Other Tips

Other tips include:

  • Using a paint brush when applying the stain

  • Take your time when applying the stain for better results

  • If you want your deck to look sparkling clean for years, invest in a little maintenance

The Bottom-Line

If you want your deck to last longer, invest in proper maintenance. Among other things, proper maintenance will leave them sparkling clean. Plus, using a wood deck brightener can make things better. The above article highlights the tips and tricks of using a wood deck brightener to clean your deck.


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