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The sport of thoroughbred horse racing is one of the most popular in the world today, and it has been for generations. No matter where you are based or which region you visit, there will be a difference of opinion on the best sports, sometimes even the name of the best sports. Ask a fan in England who the best team in football is, and they might say Manchester City. But ask a sports lover in New England the same question, and they will likely pick their beloved NE Patriots, having no time for the sport they call soccer.

That debate spreads across all professional sports, with some fans cheering for cricket while others spend their time watching baseball. There’s ice hockey or curling, tennis versus golf, boxing over MMA. The list is exhaustive, and we are no closer to finding an answer to the question, which is the world’s favorite sport? But that is not the case when it comes to horse racing which is adored worldwide. 

From the racetracks of Dubai or the United States to the best sports betting sites in the United Kingdom. Bookies love horse racing, and sports fans do too. But how do you find the best horse racing betting sites, and is there a way to land a free bet on this weekend’s big race? Read on to find out more as we explain the features you should insist on from your bookie before signing up.


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Promotions and bonuses

When you first start out on your quest to find the best horse racing betting app, you should be aware that our best may not be your best. You aren’t actually looking for the very best betting app but, instead, the very best for you. It must fit your style of gambling on sport, your budget and method. That means there is a lot to consider, but we happily take you through a few of the more important features, starting with promotions and bonuses.

All bookies worth your custom offer new players a welcome bonus, and this is a marketing tool that is designed to encourage a steady stream of new players to a bookie, choosing one bookie over the mountain of competition. But how do they achieve that? How does a successful sportsbook catch your eye when you are faced with so many choices? The answer to that question is a free bet.

The best promotions are reserved for new customers, and the standout offers are deposit matched free bets. This style of promo gives all new players a free bet that is equal to or greater than the value of your first bet. To get your share, you must create an account with an online sportsbook, make your first deposit using a debit card and place a qualifying bet on sports. When that wager has a result, the marketing team will deliver the free bet due to your betting account balance. 

In addition to the welcome bonus free bet, there are also many recurring promotions, bonuses and special offers. These include best odds guaranteed, extra places each way, money back if your pick loses to the favorite during the flat season or cashback if your pick falls during the jumps season. Click your bookie's promotions tab on their website or app for a complete and up-to-date list of what’s available.

Excellent coverage

The more races and tracks you can bet on with your bookie, the more chance of you landing a winning bet. You want to see all the top tracks covered from the United Kingdom, including Ascot, Aintree and Cheltenham. There should also be lots to bet on from the United States, France, Canada, South Africa and Australia. You will know you have found the right betting app for you if there is always an exciting horse race about to start from somewhere in the world, regardless of the time.

Best price

Every bet you place should be at the best possible odds, and if another bookie is offering a higher price, then that’s the firm you should gamble with. The difference in the odds offered by the top firms may seem small, but they soon add up and could eventually have an impact on your bottom line at the end of the season or year.

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